My Writing Process Has Changed A Little Bit Essay

1029 Words Dec 10th, 2015 null Page
Since the first day of semester I have written about fifteen essays and my writing process have changed a little bit. Such as taking less time hand writing my essay and just going to the computer and typing it. But when I still research about what I am going to write about i just don 't hand write it down on a piece of paper. The thing that didn 't change was how I brainstorm my ideas and that is by being in a quiet room and the best time for me to brainstorm my ideas is middle of the day and likes to music playing. I think the biggest thing that have changed is my grammar in my paper before I would have other people look over my paper and they would suggest to change some sentence to make sense. When I am writing my papers the most difficult part of writing for me is how to start paragraphs and the conclusion because I have hard time figuring out what should be in it.
When I used to make an outline I use to write it on a piece of paper but as the semester went on it was easier to make a list on my computer. As I went to write my paper I would get my thoughts from an outline that I made when I was doing my research. As I am writing I would like to asked the teacher if I am in the right path so that I don 't write something that is not necessary in my papers. The researching thats some time because I have to gather information that i am going to write about in my paper. I used to to hand write my draft because for me writing my ideas down would help to come up with more ideas…

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