My Writing - Original Writing Essay

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When I was younger my writing consisted of many errors just like any normal elementary schooler. I remember in first grade we had a stuffed animal bear everyone got to take home one weekend and write about all the things we did with this bear. As I look back on my writing from back then I laugh because of all the misspelled words and sentences that just did not make sense at all! As I went through school teachers always had us to different writing assignments and with everyone I watched my writing get stronger and more sophisticated. A large turning point when I saw my writing improve was in ninth grade. My teacher then Ms. Conforti had us do a lot of writing but it was always fun projects that you could make really creative. One was a biography of someone who we looked up to. I chose to write mine about Chelsie ,my sister, and it was a fun way to get to know more about her childhood since we have a ten year age gap I wasn 't around for most of her younger years. This wasn 't just a book though we got to make it into a scrapbook which really enhanced the writing and brought the story to life. Another project was an autobiography about ourselves that we had to include our favorite thing, favorite and worst memory, favorite trip, and many more fun things that really made me enjoy writing ten pages for this scrapbook. Now at this point my writing wasn 't the strongest and I had my mom ,Michelle, to really help me improve my writing. She is always the first person to know when…

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