My Writing On The Other Hand Essay

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Sharp as a Tack, Dumb as a Box of Rocks
Ever since the distinction between the sciences and the arts has been in school, I have two distinctly different ways of writing. My science writing has always been very cut and dry. Full of facts and citations, not a fun read, but an educational read. My science essays and reports were meticulously reviewed, punctuation was scrutinized, vocabulary was emphasized and the facts were double or tripled checked. My literary writing on the other hand was mostly created to be emotion provoking. I didn’t scrutinize over my grammar, I didn’t use elaborate vocabulary, I only care if my work provoked the emotion I was striving for to evoke. This class has brought my writing ability to a new level by bridging some of the gap between my two writing styles.
To receive a passing grade from you I needed to become a better literary writer. To you, concept and thought provocation is not enough. I needed to use better grammar, high caliber vocabulary and chalk my arguments textual evidence. For example, you said in my Week 2 Reading Response feedback, “You have some really interesting ideas here, and there’s a sense of personal style that’s cool,” but my “really interesting ideas” and cool personal style was not enough to earn a passing grade. I needed to grow. So, in my rewrite I created a stronger argument and added 33% more citations. I adapted more of a scientific approach and this worked.
This adaption to a more scientific approach was a gradual…

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