My Writing On The English 1102 Class Essay

834 Words Apr 28th, 2016 4 Pages
Throughout my English 1102 class I have been assigned to read various works of literature, and create my own works through three essays, several smaller in-class assignments, and discussion. This has included focusing and analyzing different topics and aspects that go into these works. Before this class, much of my literary work would be focused solely on surface material; however, though this class, I have gained the ability to more intently analyze topics and effectively elaborate on them. Before this class, I would read mostly just to know the general idea of what the piece is about; now that I have taken this English class, I have learned to better analyze material. While I already knew about symbolism, and that there can be certain connecting factors within pieces of literature, I usually never paid much attention to any of that. For example, there are often times when knowing about a time period that a story is taking place in, helps give the reader a better idea of what the characters’ motives are, or how certain elements of the story connect. However, history has never been a strong subject for me, so I would often ignore that aspect of reading. This class has pushed me to be more attentive in making those connections, and even though I do not like to admit it, I think it has been good to watch for those details, and it has even made reading a slightly more interesting. Another interesting aspect of reading has been finding little clues throughout a piece that…

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