Essay on My Writing Of The English 100 Class

957 Words Dec 6th, 2016 4 Pages
When I first enrolled for the English 100 class, I was very scared on how this class would go for me. I was not confident in my writing and I didn’t think my writing would meet the standards of my professor, Dr. Kearns. In the past, my writing pieces never rewarded me with an A grade and I was often surprised when I received a B. I came into this class thinking that I was going to barely pass and I was ok with it at the time. Because of Dr. Kearns and his teaching abilities, I feel so much more confident in my writing. I feel like I am writing at a college level now and I 'm not making the mistakes I made in the past. I take writing more serious and put a lot more effort into my pieces then I have ever done before. If I didn’t enroll in this class, I wouldn’t be the writer I am now.
It saddens me that English 100 has come to an end but I am ready to take on English 101 and bring what Dr. Kearns has thought me to the class. Dr. Kearns class has thought me many different writing strategies, one being to practice writing everyday. You shouldn’t begin writing and then forget about it for days. Even if you have writers block you should look at your writing piece and finds ways you should improve it. You could go through and proof read it or add in material that you may have forgotten before. I have learned that the more attention you give your writing piece, the better outcome you get. Dr. Kearns has also thought me to embrace criticism. When he tells us to change something in…

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