Essay on My Writing Of A College Level Based Class

1099 Words Jun 8th, 2015 null Page
My experience in writing in a college-level based class has taught me a lot about the strength and weakness of my writing. As a writer, I try to convey as much information as possible to the reader and make sure to clarify all of my statements. But, sometimes I jumble sentences together causing comma splices and really make it hard for the reader to essentially; read. I’m working on sentence structure to help create a flow within my writing. Along with sentence structure, organization is also something that is on my priority list.
Through my past papers I would always see the same common mistakes, but I would also see improvement in areas such as: vocabulary and detailing. For most of my papers I use strong descriptive wording to really put emphasis on my main points/statements. For example, in one of my papers I wrote, “Along with her diction, the author also uses profound tone to pique the interest of the reader wanting them to read more and learn about the myths that took place in his book. Meaning that, the tone of the book was one of education and the purpose of the book was to teach the reader and give them much insight as to what they’re reading.” The use of my wording helped bring out the statement and really tighten the main clause.
Also, with the same example, I detailed as much as possible to have the reader understand the importance of the point that I stated. Adding to my weak points, my ability to create an announced thesis was really hard for me. The thesis…

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