My Writing : My College Writing Essay

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My Progress English has always been a favorite subject of mine. Back in elementary school English and Reading were one and the same; then, came junior high and suddenly English became all about writing, mainly writing my own ideas. For some time I struggled to find a voice and by the time Senior Year came around I found Creative Writing and had a strong sense of voice. In Creative Writing (my final high school English class) there were no comma errors, little required organization, with an emphasis on pathos and setting the scene; one could say that after several years of not stepping into a classroom, this is what my college writing most closely resembled.
As mentioned earlier my final high school English class did not require proper comma use, in order to encourage creativity. This, along with a five year absence from school, I believe is the cause for the multitude of errors in my first few papers. The sheer practice of writing papers and looking over revisions made to my essays helped with that, although more work will be done in the future.
I had always felt dubious about the process of writing when it came time to consider organization. In all but one of my high school classes there was at least one point in which we were required to fill out a form listing every sentence we would chronicle in our paper. By now I think it is obvious to say that this was not my style. Frankly, I found it stifling and tedious. By the time it came down to sit and write my paper any…

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