My Writing : I Hated Writing Essay

1064 Words Jan 30th, 2015 5 Pages
I hated writing. And believe me, I still do hate writing even right now. Imagine yourself being in college a writing class with a tired body and a tired mind because you had early morning classes already. Even worse, the professor gives you writing assignment that has to be at least three pages long. I can already hear your whining voices and complaints, but once you start writing papers, it would not be difficult to write because it is in your language. However, for me, it is challenging because my first language is not English. I know I chose to come to the United States, but it is still hard. For example, when I was a junior in high school, I had to write about a philosopher, whose name is Plato. Unlike other American students, I had to read the material in English and translate it into Korean, and then I had to think in Korean and translate those ideas into English. And finally, I would try to write those ideas with correct grammar, but I failed all the time. It was just chaos in my brain. Therefore, whenever I have writing assignments or reading assignments, I go through these steps. And then, I try to write in correct grammar which I always fail. Therefore, writing and reading have always been my enemies because it takes me at least double the amount of time compared to other people. However, taking Professor Sarah Todd’s fundamental writing class has changed my negative attitude toward writing. After I took her class, I felt like writing is not something I should be…

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