Essay on My Writing : I Hate Writing

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I hate writing. Writing has never been my strong suit, I can solve complicated math problems and understand the structure of an atom but most of the time when it comes to writing I freeze up and don’t have any clue where to start. The things I have written are research papers or biographies and the occasional facts about yourself essay; just the things that you are assigned to do by a teacher. My writing has been pretty limited, so you can imagine my thoughts when I figured out what I had gotten myself into by signing up for English Comp 101. At first I was really scared and then I relaxed and told myself I can do it if I really try. This class will be good for me because it will make me feel more confident as a writer and it will help me when I go to college and later on in life when I get a job. What i hope to learn in English Comp 101 this trimester is diffrent ways to write papers and how to write a short story. I want to expand my ideas about writing. I hope to learn how to be more confident in my writing by taking this class. I want as much critiquing, friendly criticism, and corrections on my writing so that I know how to better myself and what my weaknesses and strength are with each type of essay we write. Teachers in my writing past have never told me what I need to fix they just gave us the grade and moved on with the class, they never gave us suggestion on how to improve our writing; that is why I think critiquing would be good for me.
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