My Writing Has Accumulated Over Time Essay

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I had been a student in Heritage High School for a total of four years and have grown and learned more than I had ever anticipated. For someone who has never had interest in English and writing, I have enjoyed the art of using letters to make words, words to make sentences, and sentences to create endless amounts of stories, to be quite frank. I have consistently been an achiever but throughout the career of my coursework, I have come to the realization of how one truly develops as a writer as time goes by. Indeed it is with one’s major strengths and weaknesses one fully develops the ability to be the best writer they can possibly be. As a student, I am able to write developed essays, conduct intensive research, and stylize the paper to my own liking, along with possessing the setbacks of losing focus, incorrectly organizing elements, and creating introductions and conclusions without any depth. One of the strengths my writing has accumulated over time is my ability to develop my essays the further I go in them. I am not the best at organizing the ideas I come up with to argue about; thus, I mindlessly write the ideas that do come to remembrance down no matter what part of the essay I am on. On the other hand, I tend to develop the body of my papers best rather than the introduction and the conclusion. A reason why I believe I possess a strength in developing papers is because the most common thinking strategies I used in the latter portion of high school writing…

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