Essay on My Writing Habits And How Much I Learned

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This paper is a reflection of my writing habits and how much I learned about them by taking a step back. Most of my habits are forced because of school which I thought was interesting. The only time I write because I want to is when it’s for communication and talking to the ones I care about. I have learned a great deal about what writing habits I have with the information recorded in the writing log. I tend to write in only certain places. I always use one of three different mediums to record my writings. Along with those I only use writing to communicate and study.
Where I Write
The places I tend to write are only but a few because writing is not a strong suit of mine. The trend was easy to spot because there were only two besides texting and that is always at random. I first write at home on my computer for assignments, papers and online homework. This is because I am currently taking classes. I compared what I logged to what I did over the summer and I barely touched my computer in the summer. I used my Mac more in those five days then I did all summer. 75% of my writing took place at home because of texting. The second place I found I tend to write is in the class room by taking notes. This takes up the other 25% of my writing and it was all done during class. However, the time I spent in the classrooms taking notes is a lot more beneficial than just having a conversation which is why I didn’t log texting. Texting is writing but, I don’t think it’s…

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