My Writing For Me Has Always A Complicated And Thorough Process

767 Words Apr 25th, 2016 4 Pages
Writing for me has always been a complicated and thorough process. While I have enjoyed writing for many years, I often found myself struggling to organize my thoughts in a way that would clearly show my true self to the reader. However, after going through the Reflective Writing Portfolio course, my writing has changed in both its organization and its overall focus. By examining numerous texts and revising many of my old writings, I have learned various techniques to effectively organize my ideas and make them much clearer to my potential audiences. In addition, I have come to greater appreciate the many components such as research and brainstorming that come together to form a well-written and thoughtful paper. Instead of becoming formulaic or conventional, my writing has transformed into my own unique expression and I 've begun to develop my own personal style. Overall, throughout the course of this semester, I have both discovered more about the hidden decision-making behind writing and have sharpened my focus when analyzing other texts. Unlike with some of my previous writing courses, this course helped me to understand the importance of the research process in developing a thoughtful paper. While I knew that research often helps one to discover more about a specific topic, this course emphasized how research can often lead to other creative discoveries that can create unique perspectives to common topics. For instance, in my first journal, "Why Did the Jaywalker…

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