My Writing For En 101 Essay examples

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Throughout the semester, I was required to write essays for EN 101. In previous years, I wrote mostly the same style of essays, however, this semester I was required to write many different styles of essays. Thus, I was forced to leave my comfort zone for writing and to challenge myself, which in turn helped to improve my writing. My essays that I have wrote for EN 101 demonstrate that I have improved in supporting my thesis, keeping the paper organized, and creating better conclusions. Although my writing has improved, I still need to work to create stronger transitions between paragraphs and new thoughts within my papers. When this semester first started, I struggled to support my thesis throughout the entirety of my essay. My first paper, the narrative essay, is a great example of how I struggled. The topic of this paper was a book that was significant to me. I had a thesis for this paper which stated three different ways the book had impacted me, however I found it challenging to expand upon these three topics within my paper. In one paragraph I discussed how the book taught me life lessons, but I could not provide a good example, so I simply quoted a line from the book and stated what I thought it meant. Since I could not expand upon these topics as well as I would have liked to, the body paragraphs of my essay were vague, thus making my overall essay weak. With each essay that I have written following the narrative essay, I have improved my abilities to support my…

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