My Writing For College Writing Essay

783 Words Dec 12th, 2016 4 Pages
In my previous english classes I was never pushed to all my potential, I was never influenced to stretch my writing and expand it past expectation, I never had high ambitions when writing essays. college writing really changed my writing for the better. Before, in high school I never wanted to waste my time putting so much effort in a paper when other kids around me could care less. I let them influence me and tether my writing potential. Before heading to college I was nervous and scared because of the stigma behind college writing classes; but once I got here the nerves faded and I became excited. And it wasn’t until class began and I heard what the other students were saying, that I came to realize. There are always going to people that don’t like writing but I do and I can’t let them hinder my potential. Through writing my essays this semester I learned that giving yourself time for research and revision is a major key along with putting in a great amount of effort. After finishing my first two essays of the semester I was confident that my third one was going to be my best one yet. Though when I first sat down to write this essay I realized my preconceived assumptions were all wrong. The argumentative essay was the hardest one for me to write because it was my first piece in a while that is including my own input and ideas. No structure, no required topics I had to add, it was all up to me. It was extremely hard for me to chose a topic because I did not know if “Does…

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