Essay on My Writing For A College Course

776 Words Dec 7th, 2015 4 Pages
After completing the assignments for this course, the way I approach writing a paper has greatly changed from the methods I learned in high school. I have come to find that writing for a college course requires a person to be more thorough in their preparation to a complete a paper than the approach taken in high school. From the first to third paper there was a noticeable change in my writing style and process. The way I communicate in my papers and the sources I used changed due to trial and error while completing these three major assignments. My idea of peer review was changed as well as I saw how it was structured in this class, and saw the positive affect it had on my paper when properly utilized. In this class I learned to create and outline, give and receive peer reviews, and find sources through the Oakland University online library.
What made the largest impact on my writing over the period of this course was learning how to create a proper outline to draft a paper from. My first and second papers did not utilize outlines like the ones we learned to create in class. My third paper however, did use this outline format, and for that reason has a much more solid structure and transition between paragraphs. My third paper is far more organized than the other two because of this outline. The third paper was also much easier to write after I put in the time to make an outline of my thoughts on the project. The only disadvantage to this method is that it is much more…

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