My Writing Experience During The Military Essay

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Out of the many lessons I learned in this course I enjoyed learning the aims of writing, expressive aim, referential aim, persuasive aim, and literary aim. Although my writing experience in the military was writing papers in referential aim and persuasive aim, the reason I choose the three essays below is because they were written in expressive aim. While I was making corrections and editing these three essays, I noticed that there was one common mistake not only in these three essays, but in all of the essays written during this course. The mistake of the improper use of punctuation more specifically comma usage. Even though comma usage is a basic lesson that I should have learned in middle school and mastered in high school, I continue to struggle with the proper use of commas, colons, semicolons and apostrophes.

In The South Sister, Military’s Educational Assistance Program, and Satisfaction in Volunteering, I used expressive aim when writing these three essays. This was not only fun because I was able to reflect on my experiences but also because I was able to share my experiences with a reader. I used both knowledge by participation and observation to tell the story and get my story across. In the South Sister, I attempted to gain credibility by using sensory words to describing my experience in a way that the reader not only can visualize my experience, but the use of other senses such as smell to share the experience.

I ask myself, “Did high school…

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