My Writing At The Start Of The Semester Essay

1598 Words Dec 16th, 2016 7 Pages
At the start of the semester, my writing was not easily understandable nor were my references too useful. Although I have improved in these aspects, I still have several areas that can be benefitted by practice and further application of some of the concepts from this class. Among these are the consideration of the organization, consideration of the audience, and connecting synthesis of research publications. In the future, using these concepts to help my patients and colleagues better understand my point will be helpful.
During the beginning assignments, my organization and flow were extremely lacking. This made the logic and thought process of the papers difficult to follow at times. I feel that this is one area where I have made substantial improvement, although there is always room for more. This is especially evident looking at the first major discussion assignment describing a chosen career and comparing it to the literature review. I believe that this change is due to the outlining that was done for the later assignments. Having a more detailed plan for the course of the paper makes it remarkably easier to connect the ideas. Although it’s not exactly obvious when reading just one paper that there is better connecting of ideas than before, it becomes obvious when looking at my first discussions of the semester. Another area that had quite a bit of improvement was writing for a specific audience. The literature review required the understanding of…

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