My Writing As An Argumentative Thesis Essay

1020 Words Dec 16th, 2015 null Page
Humans are creatures of habit that follow the path of similarity. Following the same routine when writing is favorable because it’s easy. Before English composition one, my writing portrayed the same habits and mistakes I’d been making since high school. Over the past semester, my writing has been exposed to the next level of composition. Within this exposure certain aspects of my writing were left behind and many new doors opened. Reading through my old papers, I was able to analyze certain patterns, mistakes, and habits my writing followed. English composition teaches writers how to advance their skills to break away from established strategies and habits previously taught to develop their writing to the next platform. Leaning to create an argumentative thesis has provided me a foundation and framework for improving my writing by creating a logical structure to my essays and creating an introduction to my argument that flows through the rest of my essays.
Many students were taught in high school that a strongly worded thesis helps create a better essay. My previous work had proposed “the sky is blue” type of arguments. The following was the thesis for my SDU paper “A successful discourse community depends on members that have common goals, intercommunication, relevant knowledge, discoursal expertise, adaptivity, and provide feedback. If these rules are not upheld, then the community will inevitably crumble” (Hagan 1). This type of thesis creates room for information to be…

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