My Writing As A Writer Essay

1017 Words Dec 11th, 2015 null Page
I have always loved writing, literally anything; notes, papers, even stories. Writing is a type of skill that is picked up by a specific curiosity to explore more into one’s mind and what it is capable of. My Honors English 11 teacher saw potential in me of getting into an advanced English program because of my writing abilities. I found English Composition as a great opportunity for me to challenge myself and strive to attain excellence as a writer. I have learned a lot about writing in this one English Course than my whole three years of high school English combined. Writing is a sort of task which anyone is capable of doing due to the capacity skills it requires. In English Composition, I learned my way up to becoming the writer I am today; starting with learning to develop an engrossing introduction, managing my time wisely, and making sure my readers understand the topic of which I am writing about.
Writing requires a lot more thinking than actual writing. Taking the time to process ideas and developing thoughts into text can be somewhat difficult. Essays require an eye-catching introduction that will glue your reader wanting them to read more. Keeping the reader satisfied and lucid about the topic of the essay is one of the main objectives when it comes to writing. I have always had a hard time compensating on how to begin my essay. I would frequently ask myself questions like, is this topic sentence good enough? Does this catch the reader’s attention? The reader…

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