Essay about My Writing And Writing Communication Skills

787 Words May 4th, 2015 4 Pages
Over the course of this class, I have improved my writing and writing communication skills. I have learned how to string sentences together to produce flow, and how to incorporate quotes, information, and sources into my writing. Out of the three papers I wrote this semester, I decided to choose my second essay, A Town Perpetually Lost in its Past, and my third essay, Religious Freedom: Is It Really Free?. I feel that these papers had the necessary foundation to mature with the proper revisions. My second essay, A Town Perpetually Lost in its Past, was hindered by awkward wording and lack of consistency when framing my quotes. In my revision, I sought to address those issues, putting the quotes in an understandable context and fixing any vague and confusing wording. The essay also suffered from a lack of source diversity. The only quoted source was my interviewee. To address this issue I sought after any articles pertaining to the Holden Historical Society. Upon further investigation of the society’s main webpage, I found that their last update was from 2006. Needless to say, the society has not been diligent of update the public to its events. As a result, there has been a distinct lack of news on the society, including general blog posts. The only articles I could find pertaining to the society was newsletters detaining changes to some of the historical buildings from that year, none of them being newer 2006. What I ended up doing was asking my interviewee an extra…

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