Essay about My Writing And Reading Skills

830 Words Sep 7th, 2015 4 Pages
In high school, I was an average writer. Throughout the four years, my writing and reading skills vaguely improved. There were times where I did not comprehend what the English teachers were discussing about. It was difficult to understand what they were asking me to write about. As a writer, I would take hours thinking about how to begin a paragraph or what it should be about. I am an extraordinary reading, but when it comes to writing, my writing skills and language skills aren’t the best. I lack the ability to write effective sentences or paragraphs and my topics would be slightly off. In high school, I was taught to start with a hook in the first paragraph. Afterwards, I need to write about the hook by not getting into too much detail. The last sentence should have the thesis statement. In the thesis statement, I was ask to include three reasons why I support my argument or why I am against it. This method helps me, but it’s difficult for me to stay in topic by not giving too much information away. For the body paragraphs, I had to include each of the three reasons in the thesis statement as topic sentences in the beginning sentence of each of the paragraphs. Next, I had to include evidence or examples explaining the meaning or purpose of the topic sentence. Last, I had to transition the last sentence for the next paragraph by restating the second or third reason of the thesis statement. The last paragraph consisted the conclusion, which restates the whole thesis…

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