My Writing And Public Speaking Skills Essay example

1596 Words Dec 11th, 2015 null Page
This class has been one of the most interesting, uplifting, and fun courses I have ever taken. Coming into this class I was unsure of myself due to the fact that I had taken English 101 in high school as a dual enrollment course and didn’t feel that it was up to the level and what an actual course would have been. Not only did I believe we would be graded far harder, but I thought we would be forced to write far differently from any of the assignments we were exposed to in English 101. After my time in English 102 with you, my expectations have been greatly exceeded. Not only did I excel both my writing and public speaking skills through the rhetorical analysis, controversy analysis, and public argument, but I was able to be taught in a manner that far exceeds any teacher I have had in my entire life. I was also challenged in this course for almost the entire semester. In previous years of school, I had never had to put nearly as much effort into the ideas within my essay and was never asked to support a statement or claim nearly as much as I was in this course. This course most definitely exceeded my expectations, both in the quality of the class and the amount of thought required to write a paper at the college level. The English 102 class you taught this semester had many aspects to it that I will now discuss in terms of how they came across to me. To start id like to speak about the things that stuck out to me most. These things would be the debates and…

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