My Writing An Evaluation Paper

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Honestly, as our 7 weeks are coming to an end I am quite disappointed in myself with where my grade is. I had high hopes and determination to receive a B or an A as my final grade but it looks like I might leave this course with a C. This online course in my opinion is not difficult nor is it easy but what I would suggest for the next student and for myself is to utilize your email and text messaging the Instructor to the fullest! Also, do not feel uncomfortable asking questions you think, “are stupid” or feel like you’re asking too many questions.
Our first assignment which was writing an evaluation paper, I had received a 50 out of 100 points and I can just recall how shocked and confused as to why, and the great thing about our Instructor was that he always comments on our assignments. He had stated among the lines that it was short of the word count and also was not up to college standards. When he had said, “ it is not up to college standards” I needed a more in depth explanation as to what his statement had implied; therefore I did text him and he quickly replied in a timely manner! Not only did he reply but also he sent a detailed message through a voice recording that was more than helpful.
In our second assignment, which was writing an analysis paper, I did receive a 0 out of 100 points because it was considered plagiarized. Instantly, I took it upon myself to email Mr. Long and I also went and did an online tutoring session to see what went wrong because I was…

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