My Writing An Error Free Paper

761 Words Sep 14th, 2016 4 Pages
Everyone has a special gift that is unique to themselves; it can be kept a secret or shared with others. When it comes to writing, there are different aspects involved in creating a meaningful literacy piece: inspiration, revision, and creativity. On my free time, I enjoy writing poetry and reading a wide variety of poetry. However, I did not always enjoy writing, especially writing poetry, because I did not believe in my ability to be artistic with words. I came to realize that the reason I disliked writing was because I struggled with grammar and punctuation. To this day, I still struggle to write an error free paper; however, I have noticed an improvement in my writing after I learned a few things from writing poetry. My experience in entering a poetry contest has inspired me to write down my ideas in a creative way as well as revise and edit my written works to perfection. A basic background for the reason I began writing poetry is a clear memory in my mind. It started in my ninth grade English class. One eventful day, my English teacher asked the class if anyone wrote poetry or was interested in writing poetry for a contest. At the time, I was not enthusiastic about the opportunity until she mentioned the possibility of our poem being published in a poetry book. This incentive lured me into writing my very first poem; the only problem that I struggled with was where to begin. My English teacher encouraged me to brainstorm and visualize what interests me. I sat…

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