My Writing An Academic Paper

1388 Words Sep 24th, 2015 6 Pages
As a bilingual student, I knew that I would have a hard time writing an academic paper. Every time when I write a paper, I need to spend at least four hours completing a rough draft, then spend another hour rereading and editing my paper. I need to ask someone to proofread my paper in order to make papers flow. Usually, it would take me six to seven hours to finish it. Also, I spend more time when I am doing a research paper. Spending a lot of time on one paper makes me hate writing papers. My grammar and vocabulary are also my weakness that I need to overcome. I know how to express exactly my thoughts in Chinese, but not in English. The reason why I can’t express exactly my thoughts in English are due to my limited vocabulary and poor grammar. Time management and vocabulary are not the only situation I faced, knowing how to make a paper organized and using rhetoric are also the problems for my paper. I would have a whole idea in my mind before starting a paper; however, my papers were not following what I thought when I was writing papers, sometimes it is just out of topic or the explanations do not support my thesis statement, then I have to rework on my argument. I have never thought about using any rhetoric appeals in my paper. Even though I use some appeals occasionally, I didn’t pay a lot of attention on how to use rhetoric appeals effective. Last semester, in my FACS 114 class, I had to write a research paper. The professor asked us to choose a…

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