My Writing About My Favorite Athletes Essay

1000 Words Feb 1st, 2016 null Page
Growing up I always knew I loved to read. There was a time when I thought reading was just for school assignments or if someone have told me to read something not for anything else. When I started to get into sports I began to enjoy reading, particularly sports magazines, online articles, and little by little I started seeing myself reading more and discovering new things that I might have liked but never got a chance to read about them. And that made me enjoy reading about my favorite athletes, their life stories and how they succeeded in their lives. From there the love of reading progressed and I started reading about different topics. Along with sports I started to read about history and how the people lived before our time and what happened from different parts of the world because I always was fascinated with what happened in the past, but I just never put the time to read about it. Which made me challenge myself to see if I can enjoy reading something else rather than sports magazines. My father always encouraged me to try different things in life and one of those things was reading. He said ‘when you read you get more intellectual, and your mind becomes more open and knowledgeable about events in our daily lives. So I started to read more this time was specially history books because we had that in common and every time he comes to my room and seems reading it just makes him happy. Not because I am just reading in general, but because I am reading about history…

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