My Writing Abilities At College Essay

1275 Words Dec 9th, 2016 6 Pages
Learning is a continuum, yet so is writing because it takes practice. Every time I practiced a sport I saw myself improve; however, with writing I yearned for the moment in which all my arduous work would pay off and that moment never came. Therefore, I faced the brutal, bitter truth, I am an insubstantial writer.
Nervous, this word radiated throughout my entire body; this was how I felt about starting the next chapter of my life at college. Personally, I didn’t feel secure in my writing abilities at the college level; I felt as if I was in America while those skills were found in China, and I was a plane ride away from being an exceptional writer. The strengths I encompassed were cloaked by my colossal amount of weaknesses. Without a doubt, I knew writing was going to be challenging; granted, there are subjects people are just naturally talented at, and for me those subjects are science and math; nevertheless, I was willing to put my best foot forward and strive to become an exceptional writer.
Some of my weaknesses coming into FYS were wordiness, incorrect punctuation use, organizational skills, and transitions. While I haven’t mastered every skill, I have improved each of them and grown both as a person and a writer. In the end, I certainly turned my weaknesses into strengths. Foremost, I have always been too wordy when writing. I have told myself countless times to watch out for this mistake, then again, I never took time to fix the problem. As a result, being wordy…

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