My Worst Nightmare : Interview Essay

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My Worst Nightmare The nurse leader that I chose for this interview is a rock solid emergency department nurse that I worked with over the last two years. I chose to interview this nurse, because she is the reason I have decided to base my career in the ED. When I first started in our small rural ED, this tiny British woman walked over and introduced herself to me as "I 'm Gill, your nightshift Clinical Coordinator - aka, your worst nightmare". To say the least, I was absolutely terrified of this small statured female. As the weeks progressed, it seemed that Gill had it in her mind to make every shift miserable. She had this knack for making the hair stand up on the back of my neck as she stood in the background watching my every move. I can honestly say that I cried many tears because of the stress caused by this woman. However, Gill immediately brings it to my attention that I was failing to realize this was part of her plan to strengthen me into a better nurse.
Tough Love Gives Way to Fine Leadership According to our textbook 's definition, a leader is anyone who uses interpersonal skills to influence others to accomplish a specific goal. (Sullivan, 2013) Now, to most people, Gill may not fit this category at first glance. However, she has a unique way of pushing those around her to become better nurses. Transformational leadership is the most fitting for Gill. While she presents herself with a hardened front, she regularly earns the respect of the nurses around her.…

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