My Worst Golf Game : Golf Tournament Essay

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My Worst Golf Game
Most people would not expect playing a round of golf could be so challenging. In fact, I believe out of all the sports or pastimes, as some people would categorize it, golf is the most complicated and technical sport to ever exist. Let me take you through a few holes of a journey to one of my worst golf games ever played.
Four years ago, my dad signed me up for “The George Holliday Memorial” Junior golf tournament. A three-day annual tournament that is held during the Thanksgiving holiday in Myrtle Beach. Hundreds of young players, boys and girls aging from 10 to 18 year olds gather at The Myrtle Beach National golf course, one of the most well-known 54-hole course. Every day we would play an 18-hole round and the last day of the tournament the scores are added up to declare a champion. The “George Holliday Memorial” Junior Golf Tournament started to honor George Holliday, a young man who had the greatest passion for golf. He played his whole life, but was tragically killed in 1967 in a car accident at age 22. His family wanted to give young golfers an opportunity to play as much golf as possible, so they created this tournament to give them a chance that George Holliday never got to pursue.
Teeing off the first hole was nerve wracking. It was freezing. My hands and toes were numb. It was around nine o’clock on Wednesday morning, I was paired with three other girls who were about my age and according to the tournament about the same level of golfing as I…

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