My Worldview, Personal, And Understanding Of A Child Essay

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“Exploring my Image of the Child”
As Dahlberg (1999) explains, understanding and defining the ideal child is a difficult task. In fact, each person has their own definition of the child based on their own worldviews, thus, perhaps making ‘the’ child an abstract concept. This paper is a personal reflection of my worldview, personal experiences, and understanding of a child. I also explore how my new perspective of early childhood education has added to my roles as a Child and Youth Care practitioner working with families and communities.
My Personal Experiences
I began my reflections by asking myself what is a ‘realistic’ image of a child and who is a child? I found my thoughts to be influenced by Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw (Personal communication, SCYC, 2016), who proposed many interesting ideas and point of views about young children and early childhood education. Like her, as I began to explore my view of a child, I realized that my personal experiences, values, and beliefs had great influence in my construction of the child. First, I looked at my values and beliefs of childhood. As I have no detailed memory of my first few years of life, I evaluated my interactions with the young children with whom I have worked during the past 5 years. I thought of the children that had been described by myself and by my co-workers as the “good kids”. The children that we consider to be good participate in games, share with their friends, can count on their fingers, listen to directions…

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