Essay on My Worldview / Faith Within My Profession

1854 Words Dec 7th, 2015 8 Pages
If someone, whom was not familiar with my profession or my worldview, asked me how I integrate my worldview/faith within my profession, the best advice that I can give them is to take every aspect of life one day at a time. That is basically the emphasis of the the faith and learning foundation…that in order for everything to fall into place within our lives, we (as Christians) must be able to have the patience along with our faith in order to learn how to have an substantial relationship with God, our coworkers, and also within ourselves. I would also make it very clear that both work together in order for one to become fully established in both their profession and their relationship with God. Therefore, faith and learning cannot work alone without the aspects failing. Ultimately, the best advice that I can provide anyone about the faith and learning integration worldview is to stay strong within your beliefs. Do not allow someone to degrade you because of your relationship with God and do not accommodate your views on life for anyone else. Any profession, such as teaching social science or even counseling, will cause one to often wonder if they are on the correct path that is essential for their life…I have often done the exact same thing. But, over the years, I learned that God will direct my path in the way that everything should go… therefore calling for myself to learn to have patience in order to grasp the goodness of Gods’ glory. Finally, I would make them aware…

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