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I work in Information Technology department for Telecommunication clients. I work on a project called CIM Testing and our main goal is to provide Quality Engineering and Assurance (QE&A) to the client through two modules. The first module is that we do web application testing and the second module is that we do mobile application and automation.

CIM testing consists of 30 members and I am the Project Lead for the two modules and also in client facing role where I communicate and coordinate directly with client for the tasks. Apart from coordinating the task, I allocate necessary resources, track their work, send the status report and maintain the milestones of the project. I am the point of contact for all the technical expertise.

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Being a part of a big organization, my project is required to add value to the organization as a whole. This is possible only by achieving excellence.

We achieve excellence by providing valuable solutions and address customer needs thereby gaining client reputation. The revenue generated by our project is the highest in our Communication Industry vertical. We also have exclusive scrum call with the client on a daily basis to address the concerns if any. We have received certification of excellence and lot of awards from our client which helps us to have continuous growth as a project.

As a project Lead, I will update my project on a weekly basis about our project releases and addresses what went right and what went wrong. My Project Manager will address the milestones of the project and future releases. By this way we track how our project aligns with over all organizational goals and achieve excellence.

Our organization has two divisions namely horizontal and vertical. Vertical pertains to Industry that organization focuses on Industry such as Healthcare, Insurance, and Telecommunication etc. Horizontal pertains to technical or expertise skills such as Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Audit, Data Warehouse, Dot Net
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One example that I would quote is before implementing our automation project, monthly application maintenance activity for the client would take 10 days which was pain area. After implementing our automation project, the maintenance activity reduced to 4 days which was a significant improvement as each day adds business value to the client. This helped our organization to gain a significant recognition across telecommunication industry.

My organization achieves excellence. My organization has many certified employees who have technical expertise and we have industry standard operating process set. My organization uses Balanced Score Card (BSC) metrics and has Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) level 5 to validate ourselves where we stand in the Industry. This also helps us to measure our organizational excellence.

Apart from this we have Town hall meeting with C-suite team every quarter to discuss about conformity with mission, vision, CSR, industry performance and organization performance such as revenue, market share and projects in pipeline and its estimates.

Resources are instrumental to achieve organizational excellence. We understand the current resources available for all the projects and plan in such a way that we optimally utilize the available resources.


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