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Development and organisation of sport
In this assignment I have to produce a timeline for many periods of times and write what has changed in each period for a certain sport. The sport I will be writing about is boxing and how it has developed like it has through the ages.

Pre 1200 medieval times
Boxing in the medieval times was called fist fighting or another name for it was called pugilism. Fist fighting was basically just two people using their fists to hit the other person. In this time there were no rules for this sport and the matches were very violent and cruel to watch. Many people had many injuries during this time. The matches for fist fighting were based in and around the countryside’s.

Tudor and Stuarts
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Gloves must also be the same fair size and of new and good quality. Should a glove burst or come off then it must be replaced to the referee’s satisfaction. A man on one knee is considered down and if punched by the other player then a disqualification could happen. No shoes or boots with spikes or springs are allowed to be worn in the ring. The contest in all other respects to be governed by revised London Prize ring rules.

Morden times 1901-1981
In 1908 Amateur boxing become an Olympic sport. In their form amateur and Olympic boxers only had three to four rounds of fighting. When scoring is taking place in an amateur fight the points are based only on the number of clean blows landed on the other player. Fighters are meant to wear protective equipment such as headgear to protect them from injuries and mouth guards to protect them from injury. Boxing now had different governing bodies at this time for different types of boxing. The main governing bodies at this time were the world boxing association (WBA) and world boxing council

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