My Wonder Year

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First Year, Wonder Year?
It is my first day in high school. Standing in front befalls the entrance way to my inexperienced future, cogitating of what lies ahead from the perspective of a middle school grad. One would perhaps have mixed emotions as to what to expect. Observing the unfamiliar students around the corridors, it transpires as if they are dragging their feet to progress inside, for the reason that they are fresh from the blissful summer days; they are in exchange, yet again, to the reality of school homework, projects, reports and tests. Some have queries and doubts in their minds; what does one expect of themselves getting into a high school life such as this? “What remains in store for me, I wonder…” “This school year is going
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By the close of the school year, I had as many as six after school activities in one year. Eventually, I had ample enjoyable moments and abundance of knowledge doing them; the activities made it worthwhile for me to stay in school. My notable after school activity for me was when I joined the drama club for the first time. My very first club I ever enlisted in high school. The first impression typically governs how I feel for almost the entirety of a subject (such as, undertaking anything) concerning it; so, I was a bit hesitant for my first club. Before I joined, I personally believed it was going to be tedious and mind-numbing; although, since one of my friends told me drama would be exciting and enjoyable I became a member. To my surprise, they were right! It was a pleasure and I treasured every moment of it. My friends and I kidded and frolicked around; on the other hand, once it came to performances we became serious and took care of each other whenever and where it was necessary. At the conclusion of the year, we celebrated by doing our last performance together. …show more content…
I became one of the topmost pupils in my courses and had a pleasurable time doing it too. Essentially, I had so much pleasure in going to school, that I went to school every day, fighting through sickness and discomfort, and acquired the perfect attendance award. At first, I believed I wasn’t the only who had flawless attendance, but alas, I was the only one in my school who established that reward; so, when I claimed it I felt all awkward, however, I am somewhat content for the reason that I felt extraordinary too. By the completion of the school year, I turned out to be successful and ready to conquer a fresh chapter of high school. So, there you have it, my first year of high school in a nutshell; I managed to endure my entire first year with little to no problems at all. These days I still find a number of problems and difficulties from school work, but I make sure to consider ways to make them enjoyable while getting the answers and solutions. Nonetheless, with the help of my teachers and friends I can do anything I can set my mind to. Without them, I would find myself in profound distress and dreading school for the rest of my life. Life does phenomena in mysterious ways, a variety of them are expected and some are not, I am just grateful and exultant that what life gave me were the occurrences I would have just thought impossible, and to my surprise the impossible became a

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