Essay on My Wife For Ten Year

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This thirty-two years old young lady is wife for ten year and stepmother for nine years. She attended several public school because they moved several times. She started college for her bachelor degree but stop after receiving her associate degree. Her priority has been family first- take care of the family. She was raised by her grandmother along with her brother. She advised that her mother did not care for them because she was not interested in children. Her grandmother did not want her and her brother to be place in system and separated. Her father came around for period of time till he left to go West. They never heard from him after he left. She does not go church because she feels it over-rated. She advised she attend church several times on Sunday and various programs through the week. She was happy when she was older enough to make the decision whether she attend service or not. She is normally a happy-go-getter. She always greeting you with a smile. Her make-up is flawless with no strand of hair out of place. Her head is held up high while she strives past you. Her clothes are freshly pressed from the cleaner with no wrinkles or spot. In class, we had to share some information about each other in the meet and greet session. She started conversation during lunch time. We have daily conversation during lunch and throughout the day We keep in touch after completing the class while becoming sister in Christ. I told her about I was back in school and about my…

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