My Wife And I Are Owners Of A 2003 Essay

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My wife and I are owners of a 2003 Honda Civic EX, which my wife owned since September of 2003. I am pleased to say that over the past 13 years the vehicle has served us very well. However, recently it begun to give us trouble and we came to you for help to fix our car. In the month of August 2016, my wife drove the car to work but was unable to drive it back, as it would not start. In an attempt to start it, the car made the sound as though it wanted to start but the engine would not turn over, AAA towed the car to our home. The AAA mechanic suggested that based on the sound the car made timing belt and possibly fuel pump would be a good start to look at. The car sat in our garage for about a week while we were attempting to figure out where to take it to have it fixed and be assured that it was fixed the right way. We chose Honda Dealership, your location.

After trying to start the car each day, it started on August 29th. On August 31, 2016 I drove the car to your service station located at 1540 South Figueroa Street Los Angeles CA 90015 to repair the above stated issue, complete oil change as well as fix several recalls on our vehicle. At the time of drop off I explained to Crystal, service agent, what we have been experiencing with the car and I pointed out to her that AAA mechanic suggested to have a look at timing belt and possibly fuel pump. Additionally, my research suggested that ignition relay might play a role and I informed Chrystal of it. Shortly there after,…

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