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Oh my gosh! Are you kidding me? We hadn’t even gotten to school and already I received an email from my writing professor. When I received the email about everything that was going to happen in the class throughout the semester, I automatically told myself I was going to hate the class. I knew I wasn’t that enthusiastic about reading (that’s putting it mildly), and writing, although not as bad, was still not on my top ten list. So, now I had an assignment due before school even started, what a great welcome to college, am I right? So much for easing into a whole new life experience. But my mom told me this was a good thing, it meant the professor is enthusiastic, passionate about his job and this is going to end up as one of my favorite classes. Once I got to school I was very nervous that everything we did would be harshly graded and thought there would be no way to pass this class considering I’m not a great writer. Adding that Dr. Ron starts everyone with a “C” didn’t really bode well in my mind as great opportunity for success. Also, after looking at the syllabus and seeing the amount of work that was on it …show more content…
Selecting my own topic, using my own voice and adding real life situations into the essay was fun. Did I just say I had fun writing? I guess having a connection to an essay and the topic makes it a lot easier to write and I loved that I got to write about something I felt strongly about. Researching and interviewing was a breeze for me. Having to write a research paper, research a topic and give a ten-minute speech and participate in National History Day and Science Fair from 7-12 grade actually paid off in college! Overall, I really enjoyed learning new tactics on how to better my writing not only by grammar but also being told I have to slow down. I’m never going to find a class that I enjoy every little thing about, but I did learn that I was very wrong to judge this class before even trying it

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