My Week Through The Lense Of Care Ethics Essay

1094 Words Nov 9th, 2015 null Page
After looking back on my week through the lense of care ethics, I feel that I had a pretty successful week. While I had a couple of different networks throughout the week that I cared for, I still feel like using care ethics was possible. However, I never truly will know how successful I was due to the difficulty of defining what caring is. For the purpose of this paper, I am going to assume that I was concerned or I took interest in helping them and that they needed it. While this is a rather dangerous assumption considering I don 't know what the other person really wanted, I feel that it must be put in place in order to look at my week through the care ethics lense and judge it as so. During this past week I showed care ethics by helping a classmate with a project, sending a creative team text, and I played little in my intramural soccer game.
I was successful by looking through a care ethics lense by helping out a classmate with a project. Despite being done with the project, I took forty-five minutes out of my day to help her correct her mistakes on the project. Furthermore, I have been friends with her since freshman year, so she is in my network of friends. This demonstrates care ethics in a couple of ways. First, I helped a person in my network so therefore I was being ethical. She was able to fix her mistakes which will lead to a better grade for her, so she most likely got what she wanted. However, one can point out that I maybe was not very caring at all because…

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