First Calendar Reflection

Over the past few weeks I have been working on how well I budget my time. According to LASSI, I have impeccable time management skills, however, according to my grades, this is something I could improve on. To get a better reflection of how well I manage my time, I made two calendars. The first calendar was a raw representation of how I personally spent my week. When making the second calendar, I planned out my week ahead of time and then tried to stick to it.
Before doing this assignment, I had never really thought too much into the way I spend my time. I constantly felt busy and rushed, as if I didn’t have enough time in a day to fit in everything I need to do. Despite that, after looking over my first calendar, I was surprised at the fact
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One proposition I have is to communicate with another individual who will hold me accountable. For example, I tell my girlfriend and my mom important events that are coming up and they help keep me in line and make sure I complete my tasks on time. This is helpful to me because if I do not complete a task, I feel as if I have let them down. I know that they are looking out for my best interests and I want to make them proud. Another strategy I have is to set goals, and reward myself upon completion of these goals. This helps me to get my work done on time, I feel accomplished, and obviously I enjoy my small rewards - such as eating ice cream for dinner. Lastly, my favorite procedure is to “trick myself”. For example if I have an essay due on Wednesday, I write on my whiteboard that it is due Tuesday. Another example is telling myself that the essay needs to be two and a half pages long, when in reality only two pages are required. This allows more flexibility into my schedule; if I turn an assignment in an hour after the “due date”, it’s tolerable because the paper is not actually due for another twenty-three hours. Each of these strategies have been particularly effective in helping me be …show more content…
Nonetheless, I believe I still have room for improvement. One major way I could refine my skills is to start using my planner. Although I write my plans on a whiteboard, I think it would be beneficial to have them written on something that I can carry with me throughout the day. This would allow me to refer to it as often as needed. Even though, according to LASSI, time management is not something I need to spend a lot of time working on, I believe improving this skill will help me be successful in not only in college, but also in

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