Essay about My Weaknesses When It Is An Effective Follower

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Effective Follower
My weaknesses when it comes to being an effective follower pertains to my lack of interest in requesting performance feedback. I tend to believe that no news is good news and that if there is not anything that I am inherently doing wrong, then I should not be worried. I feel that this is a weakness because, as an employee that is striving to climb to the top of the business hierarchy, I should be doing everything that I can in order to improve as a worker. Another weakness that I have pertains to taking initiative and doing more than I am asked to do. Often times, I have worked at jobs where the task is something that I am not extremely fond of, therefore, I did not feel the urge to do anything other than what I was asked to do. An example of this dates back to when I worked for Avis Car Rental. We were asked to run each car through the wash, squeegee the water off, vacuum, and wipe down the inside of each car. Something that was a bit extra, but appreciated, was making sure there were absolutely no water spots left on the outside of the car windows. I almost never did this because it was time consuming and inefficient but the GM took notice to cars that had been cleaned this way and he would thank employees who did it. I was not one of the people who did this.

In terms of weaknesses in the field of networking, I have many. Some of the things I do not partake in include striking conversations with new people I encounter, seeking help from other…

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