Essay on My Weaknesses And Weaknesses Of Writing

766 Words Aug 4th, 2015 4 Pages
I have written several essays during this semester, and I have found some my weaknesses that I need to improve on. One of my weaknesses in writing process is grammar. Sometimes, my writing can be unclear and it confuses the readers. For instance, we were asked to write about cause and effect on obesity and I had no problem on putting my ideas down and give information about the topic, and my opinions about it. Yet, grammar mistake really lower my grade down; it is frustrating for me to understand some grammars, such as the use of pronouns, active verbs and passive verbs. It came to be complicated when I use them in my essay. Over the course of the semester, there are some other weaknesses in my writing skills.

Grammar has always been my weakness in academic writing. I usually get confused on when using pronouns such as “who” or “whom.’’ It was difficult for me to separate which is the subject pronoun and which is the object pronoun. Lack of grammar skills really puts my grades down in writing classes back in high school. I’m not usually aware of my grammar mistakes while writing my essay. Another weakness is the use of transitions. I use to write essays with very less transitions, which made it uninteresting to readers. Lack of transitions causes me many troubles when I’m trying to make a comparison or opposite views between two sides. However, I can see improvements on my grammar skill through essay practices in this course. It helped me to enhance my grammar skills…

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