Personal Narrative: My Strengths As A Manager

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Throughout this semester I have learned many things on how to make a business run more efficiently and what makes a good manager great. While learning all this I have found my own strengths and weaknesses that would benefit me as a manager. There is a lot that goes into managing a company that I did not realize before taking this course, now that I have, I feel ready to tackle to challenges of being a manager. In today’s world, it is very important to be a manager that will accept the changing environment and propel their business into the future. Some strengths that I have realized I have taking this course include creativity, innovation, commitment, discipline, and optimism. Throughout this essay I will go into more detail of my strengths …show more content…
My first strength or trait is being creative. I have always been an open minded person and thought about all the possibilities of what could go wrong or what good could come out of a single decision. This is a trait I’ve had all along, subconsciously, but now I know there is such an important place for this trait in management. Managers have to be creative and innovative to be able to keep their business running into the future. By this I mean if a manager is stuck in his old ways he won’t be able to keep up with the technology that comes in the future and his business will fail. The biggest example of this is mobile platforming which will be discussed in more detail later. Being a manager requires a lot of commitment and discipline. I know this is an area where I have always shined most. While doing projects or basically anything I’ve ever started I have always completed them because the commitment the lies in my heart forces me not to stop or give up. There have been times I started a project such as building a computer and fixing some electronic problems to where I stayed up two days straight working on it. If anything spells commitment that is it and I know when I put my manager hat on one day that will be a trait that people look up to. Now a manager can have all the strengths in the world but without optimism, a manager will not be able to move on past small failures. Let …show more content…
There’s the threat that an employee can turn on you and the company, you have competitor lowering prices, employees being unhappy, and lawsuits and so on. It is vital to set up safeguards for these threats and always counter a threat. Not every company will deal with setbacks but I think it is important to have this experience. If you look at any inventor out there you will see that it may have taken them hundreds of trial and errors before they came up with the final result. I understand this and will be ready to handle it as a manager.
Finally, this course has taught me what it will be like to be a manager one day. I now know what it takes and how much work it actually put into running a business day to day. Through my strengths, I know that I can put them to use and succeed. With my weaknesses, I know that the only way to improve upon them is to keep practicing and failing until I see the complete picture. Doing anything great in life requires goals and when there’s a long-term goal like the two examples provided it is best to set up short-term goals in order to complete them, and that’s what it takes to be a

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