My Weakness Essay

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I have weaknesses just like the next person, but one of my weaknesses is not having enough self-confidence. I tend to second guess myself when I make decisions. I always want to make sure I make the right one. My self-confidence was low before I came here, despite the full support I had backing me up. I wanted to please my family with going to a school that wouldn’t cost them a fortune and allow me to be proud of the university that I graduate from. For the twenty previous years of being told I would make the wrong choice if I graduated from a school that possessed the color orange, I was afraid of telling my parents this was where I wanted to be. I applied here without telling them because I was afraid of being talked out of the decision I would make. When my parents told me they would support me not matter
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I have learned about my strengths and I am excited to build on them so ensure their potential. Seeking out new strengths can only enhance my career, which is what I aim to do. With strengths come weaknesses. My weaknesses will need continuous work until I have them under control to where they won 't hinder my potential to be a successful professional. When it comes to building my self-confidence, I will need to take risk to find potential opportunities. If I keep doubting myself I am not going to go anywhere in life, and that is not something I want. With the opportunities that I will pursue in the future, I hope they bring me great insight to see more of what I want to do with my career. Opportunities can bring new knowledge to my plate that can expand my network, which has been a challenge for me to overcome. Any challenges that get placed in front of me, I know I will need to fight through them. I will find the resources I need to get around my challenges so I can excel professionally. I am the one that choose the path that leads me to the next step of

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