Personal Narrative: Changing My Way To Lose Weight

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By a coincidence, I decided to change my way to lose weight about five weeks ago. Before that, I control my weight by only take a lunch for an entire day’s energy. However, since I began my intern, I have to get up very early and work to 5 PM. So just having one meal a day is definitely not enough for me. But also I know if I take more than one meal everyday my weight will go up. Then I came up with the idea I should do some exercise, because it can not only control my weight but also make myself physically stronger. I talked with one of my friend who serves in the Army, he suggested me to do two miles running, two minutes push up, and two minutes sit up. Honestly, I have not did any exercise for more than probably ten years. So when I heard the two miles running I thought that would be impossible for me, but my friend told me actually I should run more than two miles every day; it better be thirty minutes. This whole exercise takes me about 40 to 45 minutes to finish. On the first day, the two miles running took me 26 minutes; when it was done I felt I was almost dead, and the fact was at least half of the time I was walking rather than running. Also, I did not do any push up or sit up in that day. On the next day I could barely walk, so I called my friend and told him this is not going to work for me. However, he …show more content…
So I practice it in my daily life trying to increase my social/emotional dimension focuses. A good example would be from my Habit Six example. Jenny, Nancy, and me, first we practiced Habit 4. We came together and decided to work together instead of separately, and we all happy with that. And then we practiced Habit 5. We talked to each other to decide what everyone good at, and who doing what. At last, we moved to Habit 6, we worked together and produce third alternative solution that good for all of us and make it a Win/Win

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