My Vote Does Make A Difference Essay

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My Vote Does Make a Difference

There was an election held in which one of the candidates who was not elected by the voice of the people took those who were in his favor and stirred them up to anger against those who had been in favor of the winning candidate. He commanded those who were with him to take up arms against the other group of people. There was great bloodshed. (Book of Mormon, Alma 2:1-38).
This is a true story, and sadly history may repeat itself. Voting choices have consequences and voters are accountable for their vote. One must believe that they have an option, an opportunity to choose a candidate who reflects their values. As voters we must study the candidates and issues, realize that voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil, discuss our options, and look at how one person can make a difference.
Voters must be responsible, self-thinking individuals and study the candidates. Read, listen, use, and search out resources to understand candidates stand on issues. When voting it is imperative to use knowledge based on fact, agency, and courage to elect a candidate with integrity, honesty, morals, and who upholds the constitution. Voting is a moral right and privilege but one must be knowledgeable of the candidates and issues. A voter must know whether their candidate upholds their own set of values or is evil and unethical.
People argue it is better to vote for the lesser of two evils because if you don’t then you are voting for the…

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