Essay on My Visit At The George Washington Library Museum

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For my extra credit assignment, I decided to visit the George Washington Library Museum in College Station, Texas. This museum is one of the top attractions in the State of Texas because it creates both an educational and entertaining experience. My visit to the museum allowed me to gain lots of knowledge inside the life of our former president, George Bush, and his family. My visit to the museum allowed me to learn about a temporarily exhibit which was “Driven to Drive: Defining our Identity.” This exhibit consisted of a room full of current and past automobiles, and their history of how they were created and about their manufactures. The importance of this exhibit was that it gave an explanation on how the automobile transformed the way Americans lived, and how they evolved to what we have today. The main focus of this exhibit was to highlight cars beginning in the 1950s, going into present day and also into the future. After viewing the automobile exhibit, the first exhibit having to do with the Bush family was their family traditions. This exhibit gave detailed background information over the household that George Bush was brought up in. In this exhibit I learned that George has four other siblings, attended Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts, attended Yale University and joined the navy. I also learned that he married the love of his life, Barbara Pierce. The museum did an excellent job of giving detailed description of the early childhood of George, and…

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