My Visit At The Coliseum Park Nursing Home Essay

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I visit the Coliseum Park Nursing Home which is also called the Virginia Rehabilitation Center on October 27, 2015.
The location of the Coliseum Park Nursing Home is 305 Marcella Road in Hampton, Virginia.
I assist with an activity with the senior citizens and assist the senior citizen to their rooms at my visit of the Coliseum Park Nursing Home. The Recreation Director, Deborah Adams gather the residents in a small room that was next to the dining room. We were going to start to play a race game.
The race game entailed a white long piece of paper taped on top of three tables. The white long paper had a start line with six color toy cars, which were located behind the line drawn on the paper. There were six squares along the width of the white paper located in front of the start line. The six squares represent the row of each color toy car. There was twenty squares along the length of the white paper. After the nineteenth squares there was a finish line and a spot for the first place and second place. Each resident had to pick one piece of color construction paper. A nurses hand me a clear Ziploc bag filled with little pieces of colored construction paper. I walked around the room to ask the residents what color of construction paper they would like. The color construction paper represented the six color toy cars. The recreation director and I would rolled two dice in a red cup. The red dice represented the six squares that represent the row of the…

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