My Vision Of The Future Essay

711 Words Dec 15th, 2016 3 Pages
My vision of the future is that people not be socialized in ways that lead to gender-based violence. “Gender violence in the United States and worldwide is an important public health and human rights issue (537).” The main characteristic of gender-based violence is that it occurs against women due to their gender. “Gender violence implies that harm evolves from the imbalance in power associated with masculinity and femininity (537).” The justifications used for violence often relies on gender norms- that is, social norms about the proper roles and responsibilities of men and women. These cultural and social norms socialize males to be aggressive, powerful, unemotional, and controlling, and these characteristics contribute to a social acceptance for men to be dominant. Similarly, expectations of females are to be passive, nurturing, submissive, and emotional, and weak, this socialize reinforces women’s roles as weak and they must be dependent on men. Gender socialization occurs through four major agents: family, education, peer groups, and mass media. Each agent reinforces gender roles by creating and maintain normative expectations for gender-specific behavior. To challenge the issue of gender-based violence we must challenge gender socialization especially of women by using an individualized strategy first. In Jackson Katz’s TedTalk, he demonstrated that women are often blamed. “Our whole cognitive structure is set up to ask questions about women and women’s choices and…

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