My Vision For Sonoma Wine Company Essay

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a. Introduction (5 points)
a. Your vision for the company
As the wine industry moves towards becoming more competitive in the professional beverage industry, it is my vision is for Sonoma Wine Company to become a multi-category supplier of alcoholic beverages by adding hand-crafted, small batch distilled spirits to our product portfolio. We will continue to focus on meeting trade demands while growing our branded objectives domestically and internationally. While strengthening brand loyalty by adding a wine club and visitor center with tasting rooms for both wine and spirits.
b. A Mission Statement
As an environmentally and socially conscious producer and marketer of wines of the highest quality and value, Sonoma Wine Company is dedicated to strengthening our market position by increasing our presence as a supplier of our basic and quality wines in Asian and Western European nations. The impact of consumer demand continues to drive us toward becoming more competitive in the professional beverage industry.
c. Core Values
Quality without compromise is our primary philosophy, at Sonoma Wine Company. We pride ourselves in providing our clients quality wines and spirits while maintaining value. We commitment to providing our clients excellent customer service, by working as a team to meet internal and external objectives, which is key in building long term relationships and repeat business.
d. Financial Objectives
Our primary financial focus for 2016 will be, increasing our…

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