Essay My Vision For Academic Success

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My vision for academic success is that my students become more engaged in their learning as well as meet or exceed grade level expectations.

To measure these two goals, I will first inventory my students’ current performance and dispositions towards learning. This will encompass gather assessment data, speaking with previous teachers, surveying my new students, and being a good listener of their daily class interactions during the first weeks of school.

Once I have built of repository of information on where my students are currently at, I can start chartering mini-goals as well as long range goals for the semester. Like any assessment process, this will be a continuous effort of trying out new techniques or strategies and then evaluating their effectiveness in order to devise more interventions and ensure that my students stay on track. The key to this success will rely on good record keeping and organization on my end to ensure I know specifically where my students are as well as implement creativity in terms of instructional practice to find new ways of guiding my students towards the goals I have set.

More specifically, to transition my students towards become more engaged in their learning I have to get them to take an active stance towards their learning. This can be done through instructional strategies such as flipping my classroom instruction, creating a collaborative community between my teaching planning and my students’ curiosity, and lastly, helping my…

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